Are you an empath or sensitive soul who:

Is naturally a people pleaser and finds it hard to say "no"?

Finds it hard to practice self-care because you prioritize everybody else?

Feels burnt out a lot of the time?

Is already fretting about the holidays coming up because you struggle with boundaries with your family?

If you said yes to any of these then this masterclass was made for YOU!!

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A free masterclass, to help you build your self-worth and create and maintain healthy boundaries.


If there is one thing we know it's this....

Healthy Boundaries allow for Healthy Relationships


But how do you create and instill boundaries when you're a sensitive soul who loves to take care of everyone around you?


Introducing your two hosts, Rachelle Ugalde and Wendie Miscavage.

Two Life Coaches that are also empaths/sensitive souls that are recovering people-pleasers. 

We used to be in the exact same boat as you. We get it. That is why we decided to create this free masterclass to teach you how we have personally built our self-worth and honored our boundaries!

In this free masterclass you will learn:

How to stand in your power as a sensitive soul and advocate for yourself.

How to say "no" without being rude.

How to handle the "energy suckers".

How to confidently stand up for yourself.



The Details

When: 11/11/2021

Time: 7:00pm CST

Where: Zoom

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You deserve to be seen, heard and valued. We cannot wait to see you inside this free masterclass!

Love Rachelle & Wendie xoxo