Hello gorgeous! I am so excited you are here!

I assume you are like me in that you have struggled with your body image for a looooong time. You may have missed out on events, hated going shopping or maybe you have felt really insecure about your weight.




You are in the right place babe!


The Masterclass

Learn how to LOVE and ACCEPT your body so that you can finally gain the confidence you've been looking for!


In this Hour Long Masterclass You Will Learn:

> What has caused you to have a negative body image

> How to overcome negative self-talk

> How to start feeling more confident

> What to do on the days you are struggling

> We will also have a 30 minute Q&A afterwards so you can ask any questions!


The Details
You can choose from 2 dates/times

Option 1: Tuesday September 14th 2021 at 1pm CST/ 7pm GMT 

Option 2:  Sunday September 19th at 6pm CST / 7pm EST / 4pm PCT

(for my NZ girls this is Monday 20th at 11am your time)

Cost: $49

Bring your notepad and pen ready to take notes!


If you can't make it live then you will be emailed the Replay!