Is It just me or do we HIDE our feelings too much?

When my depression and anxiety was at its worst, I remember feeling immense shame and guilt...

I desperately wanted to hide all of those “bad” feelings from my kids.

There was NO WAY in hell that I would let them see me fall apart. I was their MUM, their ROCK.

I HAD to have it all together. I HAD to be the best version of me at all times.

But then…

Then came the days where I couldn’t get out of bed...

And the tears wouldn’t stop..

I was paralyzed…

I literally couldn’t hide my feelings from them anymore.

I was exposed.

And then I felt like a complete failure.

All because I couldn’t hide my feelings

It wasn’t until I was in therapy when my therapist asked me this simple question..

“Why can’t your kids see you experience any of these emotions? I mean, we were given all of them for a reason, right?”


Our children are going to experience all of their emotions at one point too right?

From heartbreak to rejection… it’s a part of life.

And WHO better to teach them how to handle their emotions than YOU 👏🏼

You get to teach them that....

  • it's NORMAL to feel sadness at times in life

  • It’s NORMAL to feel anxiety about certain things

  • It’s NORMAL to feel anger when someone has pissed you off

And most is NORMAL to just feel bad sometimes

You get to model that all emotions are NORMAL...

You get to show them it is NOT a failure.

You get to give them the tools they need to deal with these emotions.

You get to teach them to rest when they need it and to be gentle with themselves

So now when I’m feeling anxious or when I’m feeling low… I simply tell my kids this..

“Mum is having a rough day today and I think it’s a good idea for me to rest”

And just like that, they get it.

So next time you're feeling these HEAVY emotions know this…

You my love, are NORMAL.

And it is ok for your kids to see it.

In fact I’d go as far as to say that they NEED to see it

Because showing emotions is NOT failure.

It actually shows strength

So go on let them see it, teach them that it’s ok and then teach them how to bounce back from it like the BOSS that you are 👸🏻 🧡💥