F*ck Self Sabotage

I’ve decided to kick self-sabotage to the curb 👋🏼 ⁣

I have had some real truths come to the surface this past week. Truths about why I’m not where I want to be in my business. I had to call BS on myself. OUCH! 😩⁣

I have a lot of goals but I let EXCUSES or that negative Nancy in my head get in the way.

I self-sabotage myself before I even get started. Anyone else relate??⁣

The definition of self-sabotage is basically where your behaviors, actions, thoughts all keep you from what you want most instead of catapulting towards it! ⁣

Basically you say one thing but do another. ⁣

For example here are some common wants:⁣

  • “I’m fat and want to lose weight” ⁣

  • “I’m broke and want to save money”⁣

  • “I want to be a successful biz owner” ⁣

  • “I want to be a millionaire”⁣

All of these things are a possibility, right?⁣

BUT the difference between people who achieve these things and others is that they didn’t let their fear, pain, negative thoughts stop them.⁣

Their actions are aligned with their goals.✨⁣

They started walking everyday to start to lose weight.⁣

They stopped eating out all the time so they could save money.⁣

They bit the bullet and started a biz plan.⁣

They invested in themselves so they could learn how to become the best at what they do.⁣

⁣So since I called BS on myself, I wanted to call BS on you too.⁣

What are you stopping yourself from achieving??⁣

Do you want to become a baker?⁣

Are you waiting on the perfect time?⁣

Do you want to go back to school?⁣

Are you telling yourself your not good enough?⁣

Whatever you’re negative Nancy is trying to say, I can assure you she’s probably wrong.⁣

So, what’s one goal you’d life to accomplish in 2021??⁣