I used to be BITTER.

So damn bitter.

I was stuck on this eternal hamster wheel.

This hamster wheel that went round and round and I just couldn’t get off....

Trying to please EVERYBODY

Trying to make everyone HAPPY.

Trying to do ALL the things....

But ultimately I wasn’t happy.

I was tired. Angry. Exhausted.

And bitter.

I’ll never forget the day that I turned to my husband, and just snapped.

He didn’t get it.

He didn’t understand.

I always seemed so happy.

I always carried on.

He asked what I needed, and I didn’t delegate.

The eternal hamster wheel.

Until I snapped.

I was at my breaking point.

And it all came out....

And you know what...

he didn’t get it....

Why hadn’t I just told him?

Why hadn’t I asked for his help?

Why had I carried on and on until I could go on no more?

My boundaries were skewed.

My priorities were skewed.

And it seems so simple.

I just had to ask.


To speak up.

And when I finally did, we worked through it.

And now we are a team.

The hamster wheel is broken.

And things seem a little less overwhelming.

Asking for help can seem like a failing.

But it should never be viewed that way.

Because lets be honest, there is no crystal ball (unfortunately).

People are not mind readers.

We have to be able to say how we feel.

To speak out. To ask for what we need. To say NO when we need to rest.

I had to start to LOVE MYSELF so I could try love others.

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