My Covid-19 Experience

I want to say first that I know that everybody’s experience with this is different. I am just sharing mine and my thoughts...⁣

So let’s start with my symptoms...

I have honestly felt like I’ve had the flu.. extremely tired, hot and cold, headache and just blah. I had 2 days where I genuinely felt really bad. The rest weren’t as bad but I was still really, really tired and not myself. ⁣

I want to share with you the TWO things that have REALLY sucked for me:

1. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell...this has never happened to me before and I can honestly say I hate it LOL I’m such a foodie and to not be able to taste... every meal was blah 😩⁣

2. This is the most important one for me... not being able to go anywhere for 10 days was harrrrrrd. Mentally I struggled more than I thought I would. It made me realize how much I depend on human interaction and connection.⁣

With all of this to say, I know that Covid-19 cases are alarmingly high and places are shutting down.... which makes me honestly nervous.⁣

I know not everyone will agree with this, but I’m⁣ not here to argue, I’m just sharing my experience and my heart.⁣

And regardless of what side your on - FOR vs. AGAINST Covid and/or masks- there is still isolation.

We are all having to isolate on some level. We ALL have had change, some much bigger than others but we’ve all experienced repercussions of Covid #collectivesuffering

There’s a reason that mental health struggles are high right now.

I completely understand that people have died and we have to do our part... but some places in the US have been told to not have Holidays together with other family members??? This breaks my heart... ⁣

This has been going on since March for us here and to end the year being alone during the happiest time of the year for everyone?!?⁣

I guess I’m in my feels after quarantining for the past 10 days... my mental health really suffered. ⁣

As human beings...⁣

we need each other⁣

we need socialization⁣

we need laughter ⁣

and we need CONNECTION for survival.⁣

Anyway, how is everyone else handling lockdowns and quarantines and how's your mental health?