What's NORMAL anyway?

This whole week I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions.

So high and then so low...

Here's why....

This week I launched my podcast 💥 and holy cow I felt so much love and support- this is the high I was riding.⁣

And then here’s the low-...

I guess I need to give you some back story so this makes sense...

Kai and Ily were both born with ptosis. I was told by their Dr. that one of their eye lid muscles didn’t develop while they were in my tummy. ⁣

Ptosis for both Kai and Ily meant that they could barely open one of their eyes. Since they were born they’ve both had 2 surgeries each to try to correct. ⁣

However, neither of their eyes are symmetrical like other people... but when they are wearing their glasses you can’t tell as much the difference.⁣

The other day Kai told me that his glasses fell off on the bus and the kids laughed and told him he looked weird.⁣

This was REALLY hard for me to hear.

Even though Kai was ok... I was not, I wanted to show up at his school the next day and fight these 6th graders myself 🤣🤣🤣 (Fonsi said that was not a good idea... )⁣

But the truth is their eyes do look different. ⁣

I know that others notice and look and at times make comments... it just makes me want to put walls up around them and me.⁣

Anytime someone has said something it cuts me like a knife.

So in order to protect them and me, I’ve found myself not posting certain pictures or videos where you can tell that they are “different” ⁣

But by doing this, I’m not doing them or me or YOU any favors.⁣

I'm hiding them to protect them and me....but how can we fully accept if we are hiding. ⁣

I need to show up with them just as they are...⁣

So I’m done hiding it... who gets to decide what’s normal anyway?