You’re juggling too many balls

I was having a conversation with my therapist last night and she told me about this analogy that blew my mind 🤯⁣

Before I tell you what it is, I want to explain the reason for the analogy.⁣

In life we are always juggling things:⁣

  • Kids⁣

  • Work

  • Marriage

  • Helping others

  • Relationships⁣

  • Self-care

  • Family conflict⁣

  • Working out

  • Hobbies

  • Making sure everyone is happy⁣

  • Friendships

But what do we do...⁣

when the juggling gets too much?⁣

when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?⁣

when you feel like you could fall apart at any moment? What do we let go of?⁣

What my therapist said was this,⁣

We are always juggling 2 types of balls. Glass balls and rubber balls. ⁣

Glass ones will break if you drop them

Rubber ones will bounce back

The glass balls are the ones that are your non-negotiable. The ones that you HAVE to prioritize.⁣

The rubber ones? Yeah they’ll be ok if drop them. Because you can pick them back up if/when you’re ready.⁣

So, which balls of yours that you are carrying can you let fall? And which ones do you need to focus more on? ⁣

Maybe there’s a toxic friendship you can let go of.⁣

Maybe there’s family conflict that you can choose to stay out of.⁣

Maybe you need to stop worrying about everyone else all the time and focus on YOU for once. ⁣

Maybe you need to start taking care of yourself more.⁣

So, what did you think of this analogy?? So good right??