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Join the self love inner circle.

An online community.
The sisterhood you crave.

Full of compassion and empowerment for women ready to let go of society's expectations and finally have the freedom and confidence to express themselves in life.


Society has a set unrealistic, often unspoken, expectations on women.


 We're taught to be ourselves but not 'too much',  we're supposed to be a certain size and weight but we don't know exactly what that is, we're often too loud and too quiet all at the same time.    


These unspoken standards have left you, (and frankly, all of us) feeling stressed and unworthy because we are unable to keep up with the ever changing standards.

"In a society that say's 'put yourself last' self-love and self acceptance are almost revolutionary."

Brene Brown

Society’s unrealistic expectations had us here….

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  • Feeling pressured to be the ‘fixer’

  • Stressed from doing all the things

  • Giving up as a result of overthinking

  • Having a constant ‘stay positive’ mindset, no negative emotions allowed

  • People Pleasing - suppressing our needs to benefit others

  • An overall belief of not being ‘good enough’

  • Constantly feeling resentful, unworthy and frustrated

  • Having a burning desire to find our purpose in life, but unsure where to start

  • A  sense of loneliness as we compare ourselves to others on Social Media

Can you relate?

We definitely could.

We found ourselves stuck, living on auto-pilot, in a personality that wasn't our own.  

People pleasing became the norm. 

As a result we developed one-sided relationships and we’d over commit to things we didn’t even like to do.

Irritability and resentment was a constant mood.​

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"How you love yourself  is how you teach others to love you."

Rupi Kaur

Underneath the resentment we knew that life wasn’t meant to be done this way. 

We were not meant to live by anyone’s standards but our own.

We knew deep down that there was more. We knew that life was meant to be lived to our fullest potential, with intention, freedom and most of all, JOY.


We were meant to love ourselves fully.

That feeling is what pushed us to "do the work". To get out of our own misery and search for more. 

To take back our innate power and stop feeling so alone and burnt out

We both have been through a lot in our lives, as I'm sure you have to.

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.

But once we finally did the work, got the help and embodied self love, everything started to change...

We started feeling more confident. We started to freely ask for what we wanted and needed without regret. We started showing up for ourselves. We started cultivating supportive relationships. We had healthy boundaries. We said kind things to ourselves. We didn't hate our bodies anymore.

We finally found our purpose.

Through all of this we learned that life was not meant to be done alone.

We’ve experienced the most growth in our individual Self Love journeys amongst women who have held space for our challenges, our passions and our futures. 


Our mission has been to build a community, a Sisterhood, full of compassion and empowerment for women ready to let go of Society’s expectations and finally step into their infinite power and worthiness.

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Let this be the chapter of your life that’s called
‘the one where I  finally love myself’.'

Hi, we’re Rachelle and Wendie, 

the creators of Self Love in Sisterhood!

We are life coaches who believe that the key to self love and personal growth is to surround yourself with women who accept ALL parts of you: the good, the hard, and the best.  We value authenticity, self responsibility and compassion.


Through our Self Love coaching methods we have helped our clients find inner peace, set more boundaries and say ‘yes’ to themselves, heal trauma, and build fierce confidence.  


We have cultivated a Sisterhood, a place to uniquely belong at our sold-out events: workshops, retreats and masterclasses.


The women of our Sisterhood have taken radical responsibility in creating their futures.

We’re proud of the Sisterhood we have created at our in-person events and we want to cultivate the same culture of inspired and empowered women in the virtual setting.

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The Self Love Inner Circle

An empowered online community for women ready to let go of society's expectations and gain the freedom and confidence to express themselves fully in life.

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Here's what you'll get inside The Inner Circle:

  • The permission slip to put YOU first. No more resentment, frustration and feeling like you never have time for yourself.

  • Learn how to manage your mind with simple tools so you can finally CHOOSE how you want to feel.

  • Cultivate amazing Give-AND-Receive relationships that support you, inspire you and empower you.

  • Learn how to stand in your power and say “no” without feeling guilty.

  • Unshakeable confidence in your mind and body because you no longer care about other peoples opinions!

  • Plus lots of Accountability and guidance to help you step into your power and worth


What's included?

  • Private FB Group with 2 Life Coaches (Value $499/monthly)   

Have access to an exclusive, private Facebook group hosted by Rachelle & Wendie.

  • Two Live Masterclasses (Value $99/monthly)

You will receive two live masterclasses/workshops each month where you will learn tools, tips and lessons to help you love yourself unconditionally.

  • A sisterhood of Women (Invaluable)

Finally have a community where Non-Judgement, Compassion, And Encouragement are the Norm! You will be welcomed and supported by a sisterhood of women, each on their own self love journey.

  • Acceptance and Compassion For All Versions Of You (Invaluable)

This is a judgement-free zone. You don't need to hide or mold yourself to fit in. We want ALL OF YOU here. You can sit with us, always.

  • Guest Speakers, Worksheets, Journal Prompts and so much more!

(TOTAL VALUE OVER $600 monthly)

Get started now for only $49/monthly

No contract, you can cancel anytime.

‘You’re imperfect and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.’

Brene Brown

This community is for you if you're:

  • Feeling resentful for suppressing your needs. 

  • Feeling unworthy from constantly comparing yourself to other women. 

  • Ready to step into the most confident you.

  • Ready to be done with one-sided relationships.

  • Ready to love and accept every part of YOU.


The future you is waiting for you on the inside, are you ready to meet her?


Get started now for only


No contract, you can cancel anytime.

(Normally $67.99/monthly)

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Hear from our sisters:


Jana K.

The best thing I ever did was sign up for an online self love class with Rachelle and Wendie! Since that first class I have participated in the Self Love in Sisterhood retreat, another master class, and now am a member of the inner circle!! These ladies have opened up a whole new world for me! A world where I know my worth, give myself permits put my needs first, and set healthy boundaries to make that happen!! Their gift to me is priceless and I am forever grateful!!!


Amanda D.

The self love workshop was in one word: Inspiring it was an incredible experience to come together with countless other women to learn what loving yourself looks like. You’d think it would be easy to love yourself, but it’s not and sometimes the shame you carry gets in the way. So many women opened up about their own struggles, about exactly what was standing in their way to self love and it was incredible to be able to relate and know I wasn’t alone in the way I’d been feeling. Wendi and Rachelle were thoughtful and thorough in this workshop, and created a safe space to learn and grow all while allowing a community of women to come together. We laughed, we cried, and we learned a lot. It was more than I expected, but just what I needed


Diana M.

I am indeed in awe of these two! I got to know Rachelle during a time when she was facing her own struggles. It was so inspiring to see her pick herself up and how she managed to turn herself around that I stuck around to watch her incredible journey. You see... I was going through the wringer myself and felt like life had given me an unfair hand. I needed support and guidance to come back to myself. After an intense year in March (yep... 2021 was that intense), I decided to reach out to Rachelle and ask her how to start managing the consequences to the many unprecedented events. As a friend she advised me on ways to start enjoying my life again. I took a free workshop she led that gave me real tangible steps on how to start growing my confidence back. It was recent that I travelled to Dallas to attend the Sisterhood retreat where I met Wendie, and realized that all I needed was a community of amazing women who want to be better. Rachelle and Wendie are inspiring, compassionate and loving people who just want to see you thrive in your own power. All of us felt the wonderful energy and passion in which these two care and help support other women. I am incredibly grateful I found the courage to give myself the chance to reclaim my inner strength and slowly achieve an improved self with their support. I can't wait for what the future brings me! I am so glad I have Rachelle and Wendie in my corner in case I fall!